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Piano Restoration
If you need to revive a cherished piano that has seen better days, you can entrust it to us. Be assured that the utmost attention possible will be given to your piano when you rely on us for any of the various components or levels of piano restoration or other piano services. These can be provided individually, or combined, though in some cases they must necessarily be combined (for example, a piano could not be considered properly rebuilt if it did not receive as many tunings as necessary toward the end of the process). We offer the following:

  • Refinishing
  • Rebuilding
  • Tuning
  • Action Work including Regulation
  • Repairs in general and Reconditioning

Different pianos have different characteristics. A piano may not seem unique, but each one tells a story as to how it has been maintained, how it has been played, as well as how it was manufactured. This story line is taken into account and reflected in the approach chosen to complete a quality restoration. By necessity many aspects of piano restoration may seem “low-tech,” but they should always be high-quality. We do not use an assembly-or-production line approach in restoring pianos. There is no one-size-fits-all refinishing or rebuilding. There are of course generally accepted, time-tested, procedures, which guide the restoration of a piano. It may seem like these do not vary much from restoration to restoration, or shop to shop. But what can most definitely vary is the skill and judgment, with which these techniques are employed by a potential restorer.

Abel Sanchez has fifty years of experience restoring pianos, and an excellent reputation as a piano craftsman. His objective is simple and never changes: to provide the best service possible for every piano that enters the shop. The shop staff is small, mostly family members, all of whom share his ambition. Over the years, each with their own particular requirements and circumstances, countless families, musicians, schools, churches, hotels, restaurants, bars, the occasional celebrity, and other discerning customers, have all trusted The Piano Place to meet their musical goal.

“I look forward to the chance to describe exactly what will be done if you choose The Piano Place to restore your piano. For an appointment, or advice please contact me.”- Abel Sanchez, Sr.

Other Restoration Services
We specialize in pianos, but we have also worked on items as diverse as church organs, elaborate entry doors for a luxury hotel, melodeons, hospital waiting room chairs, harps and many other items. Maybe you have a special item, a fine antique, or a piece of furniture you are fond of that needs to be revived? To determine if it is something that might benefit from the application of our piano restoration skills.

Buying Your Piano
We would rather restore your piano than add it to our inventory. With proper care and attention, a piano can last for many generations. If you are interested in selling your Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Yamaha or other fine piano, or maybe it is simply time to find a new home for your piano, we will help you any way we can.

Renting A Piano
Has a piano teacher suggested it’s time to make the move to something with weighted keys that does not have to be plugged in? Maybe you are almost ready to buy a piano, but would like to be sure before investing in a purchase. We have a selection of pianos that can be rented month-to-month and a rental credit available toward purchase.

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In Business Since 1959
“In 35 years in the piano business, I’ve never met a finer or more honest craftsman than Abel Sanchez.”
- Tom Watson, Pianist & Owner, Strictly Steinway
“Pianos are our livelihood... and our love.”
- Abel Sanchez, Founder of The Piano Place
Who did singer Patti Page trust to restore her personal piano?
The craftsmen at San Diego's Piano Place.
And which experts were selected to restore William Randolph Hearst's
Steinway grand?
The craftsmen at San Diego's Piano Place.

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